Tabletop Simulator On Sale!

If you’ve been looking to get games in of Star Wars Legion from the safety of your own couch now’s your chance via Tabletop Simulator.

Tabletop Simulator is currently 50% off its regular price of $19.99 on Stream.

They also have a Tabletop Simulator 4-Pack on sale as well. Regular $59.99, sale price $29.99.

So grab a few copies for your buddies, or gal pals, or if you forgot to grab your significant other a Christmas gift what’s better than a digital code to a board game simulator?

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Introducing the Yavin Base Team League

Registration for the inaugural Yavin Base Team League is now open! The Yavin Base Team League is a Swiss team tournament for Star Wars: Legion on Tabletop Simulator. Players compete in teams of three, and are paired off against one another in a best-of-three style match. Each team that wins two or more of its games in a match is awarded one point. Overall team records are used to break ties, so every game counts. Each team will play each other team, in accordance with the Swiss style format. At the end of the Swiss rounds, the team with the highest score and best overall record wins the league. If two teams are tied for first place, both on League points and overall record, then their placing will be decided by a playoff match.

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Invader League – Round Robin Wrap & Eliminations Preview

Part 1 of Invader League Season 2 is in the books!  That means the Round Robin is over, and we’ve gone from 60 down to 24 players.  Now the fun bit starts: Single Eliminations.

Single Eliminations is a bracket-style elimination.  Players are seeded based on their record from Round Robin and VPs scored.  The top 8 players, all of whom swept their respective divisions, get byes in the first week.  The bracket can be found here: Single Elim Bracket

Players are required to submit a list in advance, which they must use throughout elims.  Don’t worry, we will look at these lists.  First, lets hit some quick stats from the Round Robin stages, and also look at some survey results from Round Robin.

Read the rest of the preview after the jump: [ Invader League – Round Robin Wrap and Eliminations Preview