Specialists Confirmed for January 24th Release

I’ve gotten several confirmations from gaming stores that Alliance Distribution has the Specialists expansions listed with a street date of January 24th.

This is the absolute last day for them to make the cut to be LVO legal.

So be sure to grab yours from your local gaming store and be ready to see them coming at you on the LVO tables in on February 8th!

(Now I just need to go plan my army of astromechs list!)

Specialist Expansions Delayed?

Stuart Galloway posted on Facebook that he recovered an email from Wayland Games that states that his pre order for both the Imperial and Rebel Specialist expansions are being delayed by Fantasy Flight Games until March 29th 2019.

The Specialist Expansions are expected to be released in a few weeks at the end of January.

Wayland Games distributes in the UK. No news in regards if this is a localized issue with Wayland Games or if other companies, e.i. Alliance who distributes in the USA, is also experiencing similar delays.

Though on Fantasy Flight Games’ Upcoming section of their website, the Specialists are still listed as being “In Development”. Based on past releases the expansions would be listed as “On the Boat” by now if they were to meet the original expected release date of January 24th. This seems to had credence to a possible delay.

If you have any further updates please email at NicholasDiak@gmail.com


Alliance, who distributes in the US, looks like they are still on track for the late January release.

Also the Spanish FFG site has the two Specialist expansions listed with a release date of January.

Bleeding Cool: INCOMING! Star Wars: Legion Getting ‘Rogue One’ Reinforcements

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.59.25 AM

Leigh Kade of BleedingCool.com posted up a cool article about the so far revealed expansions for next year; respectfully the Specialists, Jyn Erso, and the Pathfinders. 

Read their article after the jump: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/12/02/incoming-star-wars-legion-getting-rogue-one-reinforcements/