Updated Official Rules Reference

Question: When using the command card Brains and Brawn, can Leia Organa choose an enemy unit as a defender that her weapon does not have range to so that Chewbacca can add his weapon to the attack pool and attack that unit?

Answer: No. Leia must be able to add a weapon to the attack pool in order for the attack to be eligible. If no weapons are added to the attack pool by Leia, the attack does not happen, and therefore Chewbacca cannot add his own weapon.

Question: While Reptilian Rampage is in play during his activation, can Bossk suffer multiple wounds to perform multiple free move actions?

Answer: No. As with all card text that allows an effect to take place “during” a specific window, that effect can only be used or triggered once during that window.

Question: While Entourage cannot be effected by the upgrade card Battle Meditation, can it be effected by the upgrade cards Commanding Presence, Comms Relay, and Long Range Comms?

Answer: Yes. Using the Entourage ability to issue an order is a form of issuing an order.

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FFG: Official Rulings

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Question: If Sabine Wren is equipped with the Darksaber and is defending against Darth Vader’s melee attack, does she roll three additional defense dice thanks to her Impervious keyword, even though the Darksaber grants her the Immune: Pierce keyword?

Answer: No. If a unit has both the Impervious and the Immune: Pierce keywords, the Impervious keyword has no effect because Pierce is not being used for that attack.


Official Rules Update

Question: When issuing orders with the command card An Entire Legion, if Battle Meditation is used to issue an order to a unit that otherwise wouldn’t receive one, is one fewer order issued to an eligible unit? Also, if the command card Sabotaged Communications is also played, is one fewer order issued to an eligible unit?

Answer: Yes, in both cases. Because the errata’d Battle Meditation explicitly says “instead,” to issue an order to a unit that would otherwise not receive an order, a different unit that is eligible cannot receive an order. Similarly, Sabotaged Communications will cause one eligible unit to not receive an order. 

Original post: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277344-star-wars-legion-official-rulings/?tab=comments#comment-3630618

Impact X Blog: Rules Update 1.3.0

Nick Freeman takes us on a bird’s eye view of the recently updated Rules Reference:

Activating: When multiple effects occur at the same timing during a units activation (without pre-arranged resolution timings such as with detonate and standby) the player controlling the activating unit decides the order that effects resolve in. This is a new addition and clears up a lot of confusion around timing issues.

Armor X Keyword: Armor X works in the same way that Armor does, but is a limited keyword instead of unlimited. This gives some granularity and control to the system.

Base Contact: This is a reversal from a previous rule that friendly models could not be base to base with other friendly models in different units. This allows you to gain cover from vehicles and emplacements while ignoring the cover yourself. It also clears up some illegal game-states that could be created under certain circumstances and cleans up and streamlines the rules.

Climb Clamber: While climbing a mini can partially overhang a ledge as long as the mini is stable. This is a reversal on previous reversal… essentially back to where we started.

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FFG: Upcoming Rules Reference 1.3.0

FFG released the 1.3.0 version of the Rules Reference today just in time for Valentine’s Day! These rules go into effect 2-21-19

View the Rules Reference after the jump: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/43/4d/434d6594-d415-499f-9c8a-c2c860a6e040/swl_rules_reference_130_eng-compressed.pdf

More Official Rules Updates

OfficialRules said:

Question: When playing the command card Covering Fire, if an attacking corps unit forms multiple attack pools, does another unit gain a dodge token each time an attack pool is resolved?

Answer: No. An attacker is only ever considered to have performed one attack for the purposes of game effects, even if multiple dice pools are resolved. Game effects that trigger during an attack apply to each attack pool. However, any effects that trigger after a unit has performed an attack apply after all attack pools have been resolved, and the unit is considered to have performed only one attack or attack action.

OfficialRules said:

Question: When playing the command card Pinned Down, if an attacking heavy or support unit has more than one mini or the Arsenal keyword and attacks more than one enemy unit, if each defender has a face-up order token, are all face-up order tokens returned to their order pools? Or does this effect only allow one order token to be returned?

Answer: Each defender’s face-up order token is returned. While an attacker is only ever considered to have performed one attack for the purpose of game effects that trigger after an attack, the text “a unit with a face-up order token” is not meant to restrict the effect to one unit.

Official Rules Updates

Over on the community board OfficialRules has added some updates.

OfficialRules said:

Question: When playing the command card Sabotaged Communications, does it cause my opponent to only be able to issue a total number of orders equal to one fewer than is listed on their command card? In other words, can my opponent use the upgrade card HQ Uplink or the ability Entourage to issue additional orders?

Answer: No, Sabotaged Communications specifically refers to the orders issued by the opponent’s command card. That player’s nominated commander or operative issues one fewer order with that command card, meaning that one of the units listed on the command card will not be issued an order. This does not apply to orders issued through other game effects, such as HQ Uplink.

OfficialRules said:

Correction: The “Issuing Orders” entry in the Rules Reference should include the following bullet point:

• During the Command Phase, a unit can be issued an order only once, even if a game effect causes that order to be removed or issued to another unit instead.

OfficialRules said:

Question: What happens when Give in to Your Anger and a command card with an “at the end of its activation” attack, such as Orbital Bombardment or Maximum Firepower, are both played and Give in to Your Anger targets the unit that would make an attack at the end of its activation?

Answer: When resolving “at the end of its activation” effects, the player that controls the unit that is activating chooses the order of those effects. In the case above, the player controlling the targeted unit could choose to have it perform the attack granted by the command card before resolving the effects of Give in to Your Anger.

OfficialRules said:

Question: If my opponent reveals the command card Change of Plans and chooses to return my command card to my hand and re-select command cards, and then I reveal my copy of Change of Plans and choose to return his command card and re-select command cards a second time, can I now select the original command card that was returned to my hand?

Answer: Yes. The effect of “cannot select the command card that was returned to their hand” applies to the “return to the Select Command Cards step” effect also caused by this card. After returning to the Select Command Cards step, the second effect of being unable to select the other command card ends.

OfficialRules said:

Question: When attacking an enemy trooper unit that has a face-up order token while the command card Reckless Diversion is in play, can the attacking unit form one attack pool for the enemy trooper unit and form a second attack pool in order to attack a different unit?

Answer: Under most circumstances, the attacking unit cannot do so. The attacking unit, and each mini in that unit, must add all eligible weapons to the attack pool that is targeting the enemy trooper unit with a face-up order token. A unit, or mini, cannot “choose” a weapon that is not eligible to be added to that dice pool if it can add a different weapon that is eligible. The attacking unit can only form a second dice pool if, after first forming a dice pool with all eligible weapons, there are still weapons useable by the unit that were not eligible to be added to the attack pool targeting the enemy trooper unit with a face-up order token.

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