LVO: Gorgeous Custom Vader Mini Up For Grabs At Los Vegas Open

Lj Peña posted the following on the SoCal Legion Facebook page:

He writes: “Players!

Thanks to a gracious donation by Never Tell Me the Odds, we have added another custom figure to the prize pool. NTMTO has donated a painted Darth Vader to add to your collection. This Vader is a custom model unlike the regular one, and has been wonderfully painted by Dark Bunny creative. All you have to do is complete (not win) all four games at LVO to have a chance at winning this model. Thanks again!

-LVO Admin Team

Model by alternative gaming miniatures”

Never Tell Me the Odds Blog: Rebel Commandos – Snipers

Snipers and saboteurs will be in separate articles, since they play so differently.

The format of this article will be a little different, since the full squad and strike team play differently but share the same weapon upgrade.  First we’ll hit some high level pros and cons common to both versions of Commando snipers, then we’ll look at the sniper rifle stats and some data-informed decisions.  Lastly, we’ll look at the differences between the full squad and strike team, and some tactics for each.


  • Can get in cover more easily
  • Sharpshooter allows more hits through cover
  • Courage 2 means usually getting both actions
  • Pierce is the shizzle
  • Unlimited range Pierce is the fo-shizzle (that’s more than shizzle, right?  Or is that my nizzle?)


  • Fragile for cost
  • Spec ops slot reduces activation control

The stock commandos feel very much like elite Rebel Troopers.  You probably aren’t taking them naked, though.  Indeed, this article is all about snipers, so lets move on to the weapon.

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Never Tell Me the Odds: Fundamentals – Cohesion

Orkimedes from the Never Tell Me the Odds blog has a new article up. This time it’s a deep dive into the fundamentals and strategy of Cohesion.

This will be the first in a series of articles about fundamental concepts in Legion, and how to leverage them to your advantage during the game.  There are two elements that will be a common thread in all of these fundamental articles, and cohesion is no exception.  These are 1) knowing the rules, and 2) building good habits.

When I first started playing Legion, I thought to myself… hey, this move mechanic is kind of neat and easy.  They clearly are saving time; you just have to move one dude and then plop all your other spacedudes down right next to him.  Easy peasy.

However, it is much more beneficial to think of it in the following way:

  1. Move your unit leader
  2. Move the rest of your minis.  Each of said minis gets a free speed-1 move away from the position of the unit leader.

Units can get a lot of benefits from proper cohesion placement, or suffer significant consequences from careless placement.

Understanding how units can benefit from being placed properly in cohesion first requires and understanding of all of the relevant rules.

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