Las Vegas Open!

I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the Star Wars Legion Tournament today.

Thank you to LJ and everyone who poured their blood, sweat and tears into making LVO the Legion event of the year and hopefully the inspiration to all future tournaments.

Congrats to those who won an invite to High Command.

Congrats to John Griffin who came in first.

And congrats to David LeBlanc (who plays at my local store) who went into the final round and took eleventh.

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The Fifth Trooper and Notorious Scoundrels Are Going To Vegas Podcast

The Scoundrels and The Fifth Trooper join forces to Preview the Las Vegas Open!

Notorious Scoundrels – Mike Barry(Dashz) and Kyle Dornbos(Orkimedes) from Never Tell Me the Odds join David Zelenka(Endless) from Yavinbase to talk about Star Wars: Legion competitive play and improving your game.

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Imperial Discipline Blog: A Legion Competitive Primer (and Las Vegas Open Preview)

UPDATE 1/31/19: Two days after I posted this article, predictably, FFG released a massive update to their OP structure, despite a rep from Asmodee affirming the validity of the image guide over the weekend. Basically the first half of this article is now obsolete. But the LVO stuff is still good. Enjoy.

A Guide to Legion Organized Play

As we approach Legion’s first birthday here in just a few short months, more and more players will be feeling confident and comfortable enough to try their hand at Legion’s competitive scene, otherwise known in FFG-ese as “Organized Play.”

And while FFG has written a few articles laying out exactly how they want Legion’s competitive side to look, the complete structure and process by which a spunky farmboy from some backwater planet can from from their local meta to WORLD CHAMPION can still be a little confusing.

So first, we’ll lay out exactly what it takes to go from zero to hero through visual and written explanations. Then, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from a high quality Legion tournament with a primer for the upcoming Las Vegas Open.

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Las Vegas Open Critical Update and Waiting List

Going to the Las Vegas Open Legion Tournament (LVO)? Lj Peña recently posted the following on the LOV Facebook page:


We have one last CRITICAL update to share with you.

The Tournament Organizer and Marshall have decided to release the following Tournament Regulations Addendum. This addendum is designed to enhance the Legion Organized Play document, and explain the duties and responsibilities of judging during LVO. It will also cover penalties, and FAQ questions that have not been covered by the RRG or the Legion Rules Thread.

The document was built using the LVO weekend guidelines, so you’ll find it very close to the expectations of the other Vegas events. Please use this, in conjunction with the SW:Legion RRG, Rules Thread, and OP document to have a successful and enjoyable tournament on the 8th! As with our other major updates, we recommend you tag other LVO Legion players so they see this as well.

See you soon! #lvolegion”

Not going to LVO but want to? Here is a link to the waiting list:

The Legion Outriders Podcast: 44 – Holding Out For Specialists

The guys discuss whether the Specialists should be legal at LVO, how your friendly local game store can effect the Legion community, and John eulogizes an FFG favorite with his rendition of Sarah McLaughlin. Sad reacts only.

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Specialists Confirmed for January 24th Release

I’ve gotten several confirmations from gaming stores that Alliance Distribution has the Specialists expansions listed with a street date of January 24th.

This is the absolute last day for them to make the cut to be LVO legal.

So be sure to grab yours from your local gaming store and be ready to see them coming at you on the LVO tables in on February 8th!

(Now I just need to go plan my army of astromechs list!)

FFG LVO 2019 Event Pack Updates


As LVO gets closer and closer the tournament team wanted to advise everyone to look over our event packet so you know all the details before we get to February 8th. The tournament document goes over General requirements, Scheduling information, and how to get your hands on a High Command invite.

Recent changes include updates to the barricade requirement and slight schedule changes.

If you know someone that is going to LVO, please tag them in the comments so they read it over! The information you need to know is here:


See you soon!

Nick Freeman of Impact X Gifts All LVO Attendees with Updated Battle Cards

With the most recent rules update, several of the Battle Cards were errata’d, most famously Key Positions.

What’s a player to do now that their Battle Cards still tell them not to deploy their rapid reinforcements until the end of round 2?

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