The Legion Outriders Podcast: 44 – Holding Out For Specialists

The guys discuss whether the Specialists should be legal at LVO, how your friendly local game store can effect the Legion community, and John eulogizes an FFG favorite with his rendition of Sarah McLaughlin. Sad reacts only.

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Legion Outriders Podcast: The Meaning of Life

New episode released earlier today. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Show notes: “Happy Holidays from the Outriders! We recap our first games with the Wookiees and talk about the Prison Break scenario, debate who was the best bounty hunter not named Boba Fett, and announce the winners of this month’s Patreon drawings.

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Legion Outriders Podcast: Let the Wookiee Win

Latest episode is now available from the gang over at Legion Outriders:

Laugh it up, fuzzballs…the Wookies are here! We also wrap about the new OP kits, new theme missions, and what role Nick Nolte could play in the new TV series.

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Legion Outriders Podcast’s 32nd Episode Drops: Synergy for the Devil

Episode description: “It was a big news week for Star Wars Legion, so we’ve got plenty to talk about: is Chewie everyone’s BFF? Are Veers and Krennic the new Wonder Twins? Will we ever find Josh’s restraining bolt? These questions, and more, will be answered on this week’s Legion Outrider Podcast!

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Legion Outriders Podcast: Episode 38

Episode 38! Have we really done 38 of these things? Seems like yesterday we just started.

In this episode, we recap some recent games, start looking at our LVO lists, and Matt has some thoughts on The Senate and wishes he had more Royal Guards.

Also, some great punnery in this episode, from an unlikely source.

Episode 38 is right here:

Legion Outriders: Ep 35 Sheev Bomb

Latest episode of Legion Outsiders has dropped.

This week: “We’re back, and with news! Today we talk about how to field Emperor Palpatine and his Royal Crayolas, which of the newest upgrade cards is going to have the greatest impact, and how to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Podcast: Legion Outriders – 33 – 3D Print-A-Palooza

New episode of the Legion Outriders podcast just dropped:

So, we haven’t really done an episode that focused on the hobby side of things for a good long while, so this week we figured we’d do *JUST* a hobby episode!  Josh has a new 3d printer, so he’s been slowly cranking out some terrain pieces for around the store, John’s been painting them up, and Matt just revels in the free stuff.  So, the two J’s opine on build quality and the general 3d printing experience. We’ve also got an interview with Dave Lawson from Imperial Terrain to get a pro’s views on 3d printing and where it slots into the community at large.

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Legion Outriders Podcast: 32 Invader League nvasion

Legion Outriders just dropped their episode for this week.

Invader League organizer LJ Pena stops by Power 9 to get a game in and talk to us about the upcoming Las Vegas Open. Also this week the guys take a look at the new specialist card reveal and talk about the upcoming emplacement weapons.

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