The Legion Outsiders’ March Madness

Joshua Gray said, “OK everyone, here it is! The 2019 Imperial March Madness bracket. Are you gonna go chalk all the way? See any potential upsets in there?

Print it out, fill it out, and let us know your predictions for how this tournament is gonna shake out!”


Legion Outriders Podcast: 53 – Tauntaun-lizing Reveal

Dust off those snow terrain tables because Legion is going to Hoth! We take a look at the Tauntauns and Rebel Vets and decide if they are worthy of a Josh-rant. Also we talk about the latest Operation kit.

The Legion Outriders Podcast: 50 – Jyn and the Pathfinders

Everyone’s favorite doomed indie-rock band is now on the shelves, so the guys chat about how to use them (and why John only listens to their earlier stuff.) We also break down the new rules changes and celebrate our 1 year/ 50 episode anniversary!

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The Legion Outriders Podcast: LVO Recap

The guys sit down (in person!) with L.J. Pena and Nick Freeman to discuss the biggest event in Legion’s short history, the Las Vegas Open! We recap what lists won, why this event was so successful, and which Outrider managed to lose to a T-47.

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