FFG: Star Wars Legion Paint Sets Revealed

During the FFG Live Stream today, paint sets for the Core Set, Rebel and Stormtrooper Expansions have been announced.

Though the paint is branded as FFG, it is speculated that they are actually Army Painter.

Watch the live stream after the jump: https://youtu.be/l01Rxl5B6T0


FFG Live in March

It’s the second month of FFG Live, we’ve just moved onto our brand-new set, and we can’t wait to keep showing it off with more and more livestreams, coming to you twice a week!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM Central Time, we’re streaming live on YouTube and Twitch, bringing you the latest on upcoming new titles from Fantasy Flight Games. Last month, we dove into the Convergence set of Star Wars™: Destiny, showed off roleplaying in the Android universe with Shadow of the Beanstalk, announced the Age of Ascension set for KeyForge, and much more! You can find all of our past broadcasts archived on our YouTube page, but for now, we want to show you what you can expect to see from FFG Live in March.

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