Shipping Now: Sabine, Bossk, and the Down AT-ST

The Sabine and Bossk Operative Expansions along with the Down AT-ST status have been switched to “Shipping Now” on the Fantasy Flight Games USA website.

Though the US status page is notoriously unreliable, usually once the status has be changed to “Shipping Now” that means the items will be on store shelves in two weeks time.

So it looks like the US will finally be getting their shipment of Down AT-STs along side Sabine and Bossk on June 27th.

Downed AT-ST Back on the Boat with Sabine and Bossk

The Downed AT-ST’s release has been wobbly at best, but what would you expect from something that can’t even stand?

The Battlefield Expansion is now listed as “On the Boat”, but this time it’s sailing with Sabine and Bossk who have spent months at the printers. (must be all of the extra arms and heads).

I have nothing to confirm this but I’m speculating a release for all three expansions on June 27th, but hoping for June 20th.

Down AT-ST Now Available…Well Sorta

The release schedule for the now ironically named Downed AT-ST Battlefield Expansion has had a rocky release schedule. Originally speculated to release at the end of June, players were surprised when it received a release date of May 30. Then the last week of May the distribution site gave a release date of late June while European players found the expansion on their store shelves that same week.

Today on the FFG official page, the Downed AT-ST’s release date has been changed to June 3rd which is today but no US stores seem to have received their shipments and Amazon has it listed as a preorder that will ship on July 1.

So check with your local store before heading out to pick up your preorder. If it’s not currently there then it might be there…..?

Down AT-ST Release Date Pushed Back to June 27th

According to the distribution website the release date for the Down AT-ST Battlefield Expansion is now June 27th. Previously it was May 30th.

It looks like May 2019 will be the first month since Star Wars Legion incarnation that there will not see any new releases.

Fantasy Flight Games has had a pretty consistent release schedule so far. It is unclear at this time why new releases have seemed to be delayed.

The speculated release of the Bossk and Sabine Operative Expansions were previous late May, are now speculated to release early June.

Check back for updates as they come available.