The Fifth Trooper Presents: The Northeast Open Legion Tournament


Salt City Comic-Con 2019, Central New York’s premiere pop culture event, will again partner with the all-new Embassy Suites Hotel and Destiny USA, New York’.

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Learn More About Destiny USA

This comic convention, focusing on pop culture from comics, movies, TV, books, graphic novels and cosplay, is once again scheduled for “July 4th of July Weekend”, specifically July 6th and 7th .

Major Guest announcements will begin shortly and fans are encouraged to keep up with the news and order their weekend badges early. Once again, Syracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con will collaborate to provide events inside and outside the Embassy convention center as well as at the canyon at DestinyUSA. Fans and families embraced the convention’s sprawling new “floorplan” last year, and we’ll only be improving upon this innovative layout!

Once again, this show will not just simply be a convention, but a pop culture festival! Indoors at the event will feature your traditional Con fare packed with vendors, guests and exhibitors galore offering comics, toys, artwork and much more. Outside will have a host of attractions such as live music, food trucks, dunk tanks, family zone with bounce houses, face painting and vendors as well. Take the bridge to the Canyon at Destiny USA for cosplay and trivia contests, special guests and more!

Check out the Salt City Comic-Con event and community pages on Facebook for the latest vendor and guest information.
See you soon – and get your Con on!

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Star Wars Miniatures Battles – Third Edition

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 8.50.51 PM

A long time ago in a decade far, far away before Star Wars Legion took over all of our lives there was the West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game.

Curtesy of Jake’s Tabletop, we can all get a little nostalgic with Star Wars Miniatures Battles files which can be downloaded here:

Photo curtesy of Aaron Price

Maximum Annihilation: Krennic vs Veers


It’s Thursday night Legion night at my FLGS Games Cube. Fresh from lots of spacemen pew pew at ANZAC Cup, I lined up another game with my mate Damo.

I’ve just finished painting my Imperial Royal Guard, and was pretty keen to give them a spin. I dropped a few things (Snowtroopers, Comms Tech) from my ANZAC Cup list in order to fit the IRG in. Damo took a Krennic, Deathtrooper and AT-ST list which is quite different to anything I’ve faced so far. This should be fun!

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Luke Eddy ‘Clears Up’ Speculation On Twitter

While being interviewed on The Fifth Trooper podcast, Luke Eddy mentioned that his current favorite list included a yet-to-be-announced Imperial Corp unit.

Speculation flew around the internet about what this YTBA could be!

Luke Eddy took to Twitter today to help clear up what he said while managing to throw even more fog on the subject.

*Photos curtesy of Kyle Dornbos

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FFG: Attend A Rallypoint Qualifier And Begin Your March To The World Championship


As the Galactic Civil War continues to rage, the battles of Star Wars™: Legion keep growing and expanding.

Across countless star systems, new planets are drawn into the fray, and their citizens rise to answer the call to battle. Some will become Stormtroopers, trained to fight for the Galactic Empire. Some will become Rebels, inspired to fight alongside heroes such as Han Solo, Sabine Wren, and Jyn Erso.

And who will lead them? Who will command these forces into the forests, deserts, snow, and trenches? Who will stand with them in the heat of battle? Who will guide them as laser blasts spark the night skies? Who will rally them to victory? Will it be you? Continue reading →

Impact X Patreon: Imperial March

The march gift for supporting the blog is this beautiful double sided Palpatine card. This card will also be given out for free at Kingdom Con.


Nicholas Freeman writes: “It’s Imperial March!
the march thank you for supporting the blog is this beautiful double sided palpatine card. This card will also be given out for free at Kingdom Con. Chewie is being shipped from the printer to me now and should be in your hands soon.”

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ps the cartoon-y side is done by yours truly.

Impact X Blog: Rebel Pathfinders – Unit Analysis


Rebel Pathfinders are best known for the battle at the Imperial archives on Scariff. They the are the first in and last out, often putting their life on the line to enter a theatre of battle ahead of the main forces to prepare the battlefield for the rest of the army. In Star Wars: Legion the Rebel Pathfinders are the Rebels fourth elite unit option. Their training and equipment make them self-sufficient and versatile in many different roles – and as such see specialized use in the Rebel forces.



Base Unit Summary: 

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Average: 3
  • Damage Consistency – Ranged: Average: N/A
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 2.5
  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Average: N/A
  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%
  • Wounds: Below Average: 4
  • Attrition: Average: 1/figure
  • Range: Average: 1-3
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Courage: Above Average: 2
  • Role: Skirmisher


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Impact X: Boba Fett Alt Art Card

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some art for Nicholas Freeman and the Impact X blog.


Nick says: “New alt cards incoming.
Last month was mission errata cards.

going forward alt cards will be double sided with one serious side and one fun side. Im working really hard to source some great artists for you. all art is paid for and licensed.

January is a Boba Fett
February is Chewbacca

all the funds from patreon go towards overhead and content creation –

Paint All the Minis Podcast: Why I Love – Star Wars Legion (With Jay From The Fifth Trooper Podcast)

Show notes: “This week I speak to Jay from the 5th trooper podcast about why he loves Star Wars Legion.

Back in episode 87 I spoke to Alex Davy the main developer of Star Wars Legion & it was brilliant to talk to Jay about all of the things he has loved about the game and where he feels it will go in the future. 

If you aren’t aware of Star Wars Legion then simply put it is a 28mm scale tabletop war game set in the Star Wars galaxy with some great art work, simple to pick up rules, and some great models. 

Thanks to Jay for coming onto the show to tell us why he loves the game so much and if you enjoy the game too then check out the Fifth Trooper podcast if you haven’t already”

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