Pilgrim City Commerce Guild Complex: Best Terrain Deal On The Web?

Received my Corvus Games Pilgrim City Commerce Guild Complex today. It’s HUGE! And only $85 dollars!

I have no idea how they are selling this for so little. I’d expect something like this to be at least $150. But what do I know!

Better go purchase yours before they realize they forgot a ‘1’ before the ’85’


Corvus Games Terrain: Making Really Simple Terrain Buildings

Taken from Corvus Game Terrian:

Terrian is pretty much essential for an immersive tabletop gaming experience. Imagine the latest blockbuster video game without the jaw-dropping backgrounds and environments, and just dull, lifeless grey boxes to run around. Just wouldn’t be as fun, would it?

As much as I’d like everyone to purchase 3D printed models – from here preferably ;), not every gamer is in a position to do so, or just doesn’t have the time to get 3D printed models looking great, or really just wants something cool on their table today. Continue reading →

Tosche Station: Rebellion Interior Walls

Jason of Tosche Station writes:

“Rebellion Interiors are here! Take your table-top battles indoors – room to room, hallway to hallway! Put that STANDBY into action (and actually see it work!) Customize your missions, deployment and battlecards — create scenerio play and sprinkle in some RPG elements.

Digital STL files available as a package as well as a bulk, physical 3×3-table allotment of walls/doors and corridors is available online at our website: www.tsterrain.com

Easy to print. Easy to paint. You’ll be room clearing in no time.

Be sure to add our crates, boxes, consoles, and accessories as well to flesh out the scenery!”

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SWCC – Diorama Builders First Look and Tutorial

Frank Diorio of the Diorama Workshop is getting the Star Wars Celebration hype started with a look at the Battle of Scarif Diorama Builders workshop. Frank provides fans with instructions on building a Scarif Palm tree for your FFG Star Wars Legionscale figures.

Check out the video above, and the details below! Continue reading →