The Legion Outriders Podcast: 52 – Make T-47s Great Again

The guys take a look back at our first episode and see how our predictions have turned out, discuss the new event-exclusive Vader sculpt, and theorize what it might take to make the T-47 a viable unit.

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The Fifth Trooper Podcast: 28 – Moon Jockys

On this episode we make a couple of big (to us) announcements and we also continue our discussion on game burnout.

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The Legion Outriders Podcast: 50 – Jyn and the Pathfinders

Everyone’s favorite doomed indie-rock band is now on the shelves, so the guys chat about how to use them (and why John only listens to their earlier stuff.) We also break down the new rules changes and celebrate our 1 year/ 50 episode anniversary!

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