Skull Forge Studios Plagiarized

Jorden of Skull Forge Studios said on Facebook, “Smells like Plagiarism to me…. AND he’s trying to start Patreon which I can only assume has more unoriginal work…. Do the world a favor folks, don’t support Rick Cook in any way shape or form in the future.”

Kickstarter: Sci-fi/PostApocalyptic Playsets

It is a brave new world out there, so many battles won, much more to be fought…

This campaign created by LOOTgames gives you access to various 3d stl files for you to print through the pledges we are offering. All pieces are original and designed by our dwarf engineers at he LOOTgames lab. Continue reading →

Skull Forge Studios’ January Releases

Jordon of Skullforge Studios is at it again! Producing some incredible minis. I’m super excited about finally getting the Jedha bystanders that we’ve seen popping up in HVMWorkbench’s Jedha table photos!

Also Dr. Evazan and Pando Baba!!

Jorden says: “Just a small sprinkling of new stuff for January but rest assured, fun stuff is incoming (when it warms up a little!!)

Suggestions for new content are always welcome, and if you’re a fan or want to follow along consider joining our official community group!”

House of Gaming Partner of Imperial Terrain Opens Shop

House of Gaming is pleased to announce their new 3d terrain printing service.

They have partnered with Imperial Terrain to bring you their exclusive terrain for Star Wars Legion and other Sci Fi games, in both painted and unpainted form, at extremely competitive prices shipped within the UK.

They also post battle reports, building guides, etc on their site as well.

Find their shop after the jump: