Skull Forge Studios’ January Releases

Jordon of Skullforge Studios is at it again! Producing some incredible minis. I’m super excited about finally getting the Jedha bystanders that we’ve seen popping up in HVMWorkbench’s Jedha table photos!

Also Dr. Evazan and Pando Baba!!

Jorden says: “Just a small sprinkling of new stuff for January but rest assured, fun stuff is incoming (when it warms up a little!!)

Suggestions for new content are always welcome, and if you’re a fan or want to follow along consider joining our official community group!”

Imperial Discipline Blog: Competitive List-Building for Dummies, Pt. 2

Kevin of the Imperial Discipline blog writes,

I’m very lucky this week to be joined by Orkimedes, who is an all-around really nice guy and also a prolific content creator for the Legion community. You can find Orkimedes on his amazingly detailed blog, Never Tell Me the Odds: A Numbers-Based Look at Star Wars Legionor on the competitive-focused podcast he co-hosts, Notorious Scoundrels Podcast.

Orkimedes has written a really wonderful two-part primer on how to build competitive lists from the ground up for Imperial Discipline that is ideal for new or otherwise inexperienced commanders.

Part 1 can be found here.”

You can also check Part 2 out after the jump:

Imperial Specialists Upgrade Cards Leak

After last week’s reveal of the Rebel Specialist update grade cards were released by FFG, most of the community expected an article to reveal the Imperial Specialists upgrade cards which never came.

Stores began getting their shipments in today and Crabbok posted an unboxing video of the Imperial Specialists upgrade cards on YouTube

Here are images from the video: Continue reading →

Yavin Base Blog: X-34 Landspeeder Revealed, First Impressions

Endless of the Yavin Base writes:

“For awhile now, the Legion player base has been wondering when the next Heavy Supports would be coming. The disappointing performance of the the T-47 Airspeeder has left Rebel players hungry for a new unit in that role. The T-47’s cost and relatively low defensive power have kept it grounded ever since Veers came into the picture. It was believed that Han and HQ Uplink would breathe some life into it with Reckless Diversion, but making a relatively weak platform with an already premium cost even more expensive was not a workable solution. Success with the Airspeeder remained elusive. So, given the bleak picture I’ve just presented, enter the X-34 Landspeeder, aka ‘”the floating pickup truck.'”

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Paint All The Minis: Star Wars Legion Imperial Corps Units

Michael and Szymon from War Corgi are back to discuss the Corps Unit choices available to Star Wars Legion Imperial players. They examine the capabilities and relative advantages of Imperial Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers.

You can watch our previous Legion Battle Report on our Paint All The Minis YouTube channel or here on our website.

Impact X: Occupation of the Holy City Gathering Legions Campaign – Season 1

This story occurs during the occupation of the Holy City. It centers around the insurgents that rise up to reclaim it and preserve its historic and religious importance before it is completely stripped and desecrated by the occupying forces.

This campaign season is designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of campaign play using a map with the Gathering Legions rule set.

Although this story is very loosely based on the events of Jedha City, it could easily be transposed to any city with a history of force users and temples. Feel free to make it your own and create any environment you’d like that better suites your available terrain or the heroes you’d like to create.

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