Gamers Web: Loyal to the bitter end! Royal Guard previewed for Star Wars: Legion

Let’s face it the Stormtroopers from Star Wars have an iconic look to them.  In fact when I was 13 years old when Star Wars was released (just Star Wars then no New Hope logo for added measure!), I could have sworn that I had seen the Stormtroopers before.  Of course I hadn’t and well I had as their iconic armour I would later find was lifted throughout periods of history, including samurai!

I leave school and start work but still continue to love Star Wars very much and then Return of the Jedi comes along and the one thing I remember when sitting in the cinema with my ex girlfriend and her then 10 year old brother Mark was how cool the Emperors Royal Guard looked, and over 35 years later they still remain one of the best looking units in science fiction in general!

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Yavin Base: Jyn Erso Revealed, First Impressions

jyn erso imperial disguise

by Endless

A pair of photos showing box art for a Jyn Erso commander expansion and a Rebel Pathfinders unit expansion was leaked about a week ago. The leaks were met with excitement, and with disbelief. Rogue One content this early in the game’s life cycle? Not possible, some thought. Those images? Easily re-created in Photoshop. Then someone found out that if you were to change a few numerals in a URL on the Fantasy Flight page, you could see the page names for Jyn, the Pathfinders, Orson Krennic and Death Troopers. Then, on Monday, FFG dropped an article previewing Jyn and Pathfinders, making it official.

So, Rogue One is coming to Star Wars: Legion! Amazing! And Jyn Erso, the first commander available from the gritty tale of how the Death Star plans were stolen, looks super exciting. From the wonderful sculpt, to new keywords, to weapon upgrade cards that flip and change modes, this expansion has a lot to offer.

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The Fifth Trooper Podcast: Ep 13 – Congratulations. You are being rescued.

Star Wars Legion Podcast - The Fifth Trooper header image 1

On this episode we have on LJ Peña/Talk Polite  from Impact X and we talk LVO, Invader League, Star Wars Legion Rules Reference and New Units.

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Key Positions has been Errataed!

To everyone’s glee, when FFG dropped the latest Rules Reference it included a long needed errata to Key Positions.

Here is how the card now works:

Key Positions (pg. 60) has received a much-needed change. Previously, the Blue Player had a decisive advantage with the ability to place two objective tokens to Red Player’s one. Now, the first objective token is placed on the center-most piece of terrain, and each player gets to place one additional token. Say goodbye to that horrible bidding war.


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FFG: Preview the Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion

The Imperial Royal Guard is shrouded in mystery. Encased in blood-red robes and peering out from behind featureless masks, these enigmatic warriors do little to reveal their combat prowess. Regardless of the rumors surrounding them, their mere presence and menacing force pikes are all it takes to keep any visitors from making threats against the Emperor.  

Soon, you can witness the deft reflexes and superb combat awareness of the Imperial Royal Guards firsthand with the Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion. These elite warriors are trained in many forms of combat, making them equally lethal up close or from a distance. More importantly, they are unquestioningly loyal to Emperor Palpatine, following his orders without hesitation.

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Introducing the Yavin Base Team League

Registration for the inaugural Yavin Base Team League is now open! The Yavin Base Team League is a Swiss team tournament for Star Wars: Legion on Tabletop Simulator. Players compete in teams of three, and are paired off against one another in a best-of-three style match. Each team that wins two or more of its games in a match is awarded one point. Overall team records are used to break ties, so every game counts. Each team will play each other team, in accordance with the Swiss style format. At the end of the Swiss rounds, the team with the highest score and best overall record wins the league. If two teams are tied for first place, both on League points and overall record, then their placing will be decided by a playoff match.

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Notorious Scoundrels Podcast: New Episode

Notorious Scoundrels – Star Wars Legion Podcast
Nov 20 ⋅ 1:16:22

<div class="cleartoppad" id="notes_content" data-notes="The Scoundrels talk The Yavin Base Team League, Rogue One unit reveals and Invader League finals.

Notorious Scoundrels – Dashz and Orkimedes from Never Tell Me the Odds join Endless from Yavinbase to talk about Star Wars: Legion competitive play and improving your game.

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The Scoundrels talk The Yavin Base Team League, Rogue One unit reveals and Invader League finals.

Notorious Scoundrels – Dashz and Orkimedes from Never Tell Me the Odds join Endless from Yavinbase to talk about Star Wars: Legion competitive play and improving your game.