Notorious Scoundrels Episode 2 – Always be Measuring!

Endless, Dash, and Ork talk about Boba Fett, Metas, and Legion fundamentals.

Notorious Scoundrels – Dashz and Orkimedes from Never Tell Me the Odds join Endless from Yavinbase to talk about Star Wars: Legion competitive play and improving your game.

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Never Tell Me the Odds: Fundamentals – Cohesion

Orkimedes from the Never Tell Me the Odds blog has a new article up. This time it’s a deep dive into the fundamentals and strategy of Cohesion.

This will be the first in a series of articles about fundamental concepts in Legion, and how to leverage them to your advantage during the game.  There are two elements that will be a common thread in all of these fundamental articles, and cohesion is no exception.  These are 1) knowing the rules, and 2) building good habits.

When I first started playing Legion, I thought to myself… hey, this move mechanic is kind of neat and easy.  They clearly are saving time; you just have to move one dude and then plop all your other spacedudes down right next to him.  Easy peasy.

However, it is much more beneficial to think of it in the following way:

  1. Move your unit leader
  2. Move the rest of your minis.  Each of said minis gets a free speed-1 move away from the position of the unit leader.

Units can get a lot of benefits from proper cohesion placement, or suffer significant consequences from careless placement.

Understanding how units can benefit from being placed properly in cohesion first requires and understanding of all of the relevant rules.

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Completing the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs from the Impact X blog

Timing and Structure in Competitive Star Wars: Legion

It can be a bit of a shock coming from a casual setting to a competitive game, there are a lot of things that change, but one of the most stressful can be the ticking of the clock and the judge constantly calling out how much time you have left. To those who are not used to it, the added pressure of a time constraint can really throw you off your game and cause you to panic and rush into make less than optimal plays in the name of undue expediency.

To get familiar with round timing lets go over the format briefly. Star Wars: Legion competitive games are played on a shared game timer of 2 hours, meaning that both players share the same pool of time and both players are responsible for the pace of the game – this has some advantages and disadvantages, namely that timing can be used and abused for a competitive edge by less sportsmanlike players (but this is pretty rare). It should also be pointed out that the 2 hour timer is for the actual game portion of legion and not any of the pre-game (unless you are slow and your time bleeds over). But let’s write it out for a better look at when the timer starts.

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Podcast: The Fifth Trooper Network & Notorious Scoundrels

The Fifth Trooper podcast is turning their single show into a whole network of gaming content. The first step in that is introducing a brand new Legion podcast hosted by Dashz and Orkimedes from Never Tell Me the Odds, and Endless from Yavinbase. This podcast will focus on deep dives into competitive play on a top tier level.

On their first episode This week, the Scoundrels talk about a healthy competitive attitude, the Michigan Grand Tournament, and the TTS Invader League.

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Podcast: Legion Outriders – 33 – 3D Print-A-Palooza

New episode of the Legion Outriders podcast just dropped:

So, we haven’t really done an episode that focused on the hobby side of things for a good long while, so this week we figured we’d do *JUST* a hobby episode!  Josh has a new 3d printer, so he’s been slowly cranking out some terrain pieces for around the store, John’s been painting them up, and Matt just revels in the free stuff.  So, the two J’s opine on build quality and the general 3d printing experience. We’ve also got an interview with Dave Lawson from Imperial Terrain to get a pro’s views on 3d printing and where it slots into the community at large.

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Invader League – Round Robin Wrap & Eliminations Preview

Part 1 of Invader League Season 2 is in the books!  That means the Round Robin is over, and we’ve gone from 60 down to 24 players.  Now the fun bit starts: Single Eliminations.

Single Eliminations is a bracket-style elimination.  Players are seeded based on their record from Round Robin and VPs scored.  The top 8 players, all of whom swept their respective divisions, get byes in the first week.  The bracket can be found here: Single Elim Bracket

Players are required to submit a list in advance, which they must use throughout elims.  Don’t worry, we will look at these lists.  First, lets hit some quick stats from the Round Robin stages, and also look at some survey results from Round Robin.

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Tabletop Simulator On Sale – UPDATE

If you’re like me, cheap, you’ve been waiting for Tabletop Simulator to go on sale.

That time is now!

Until next Sunday (Oct 21st) you can grab your copy of Tabletop Simulator on Humble Bundle for only $9.99 (regular $19.99).

And in case you didn’t know Tabletop Simulator has a Star Wars: Legion mod and a thriving community called Invader Legion.

Image result for invader league star wars legion

Buy here: Tabletop Simulator
Join here: Invader League

UPDATE: Originally in this post I stated that Tabletop Simulator was on sale via Steam. I have updated this article as it is actually on sale via Humble Bumble.

The 2018 Season Three Operations are now available for download!

Jump into the Star Wars galaxy’s greatest infantry battles and immerse yourself in the miniatures wargaming hobby with Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play!

With its detailed miniatures, easy-to-learn rules, and highly tactical gameplay, Legion makes it easy for you to wage thrilling ground combat in any Star Wars setting you can imagine. Endless, shifting deserts. Snow-covered ice planets. Swamps. Grassy plains. Forested moons. Secret Imperial military installations. The crumbling remains of ruined cities where Rebel forces plot their latest insurrection.

Organized Play adds to your experience of the game by helping you find other players and new places to play. You can meet with friends for group painting sessions, experiment with new armies, enjoy campaign play, rally your Rebel friends against a team of Imperials, and band together with your fellow Imperials to crush the Rebellion. You can even take a shot at exclusive rewards while quenching your thirst for competition.

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