Impact X: Tournaments Ain’t Like Dusting Crops, Boy

What to Expect at Your First Tournament and How to Prepare.



The first thing to remember when preparing for every Star Wars: Legion tournament from your monthly local store event to the world championship, and by far this point is the most important, is that this is a game and our primary objective is to have fun and bond with friends over a common interest. With that out of the way our secondary objective is to play our best and hopefully win, and there are several ways we make ourselves ready for that. But before we can prepare for a tournament we need to know how they work.


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Impact X: Never Tell Me the Odds – SW:L Dice

Star Wars: Legion is a game of skill and luck, you can’t win without having a little bit of both. In this article we will give a quick overview of the dice in SW:L and some general guidelines as to quickly and roughly calculate expected outcomes while playing.


Attack dice are eight sided and there are four possible results on any attack die; blank, surge, success, and critical success. there are also three different colors of dice each with their own probabilities, in order from least to most likely to succeed they are; white, black, and red. when calculating results in the information below the chances of success will include critical successes because they add towards regular successes, there will also be a separate calculation for critical only for situations that require a critical for success. as a general note there is only one critical and one surge possible per die.


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