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Candid Conversation with FFG’s Marketing Manager

LJ Peña shared some info that he received from a candid conversation with FFG.

“Hey peeps – I wanted to share the details of a conversation I had with Evan Johnson, the Marketing Manager from Fantasy Flight Games. Evan reached out to me a couple of days ago, with the intent of increasing the communication between FFG and the Legion Community. I focused my questions down to 5 specific areas – which I will copy here for you to read! Hopefully you enjoy what you see!

#1 – Updates on Delays: Alright, so this is one that Matt has been addressing but could still use some improvement. For example, the community still has no idea when Dewbacks (who had to be repacked due to incorrect base sizes) will be released, other than “soon”. The problem was identified in August and their release was delayed, but an update would be great. The mystical paint set to match that you partnered with Army Painter to produce is another good example. The same thing goes for releases that happen early, like Rex and Count Dooku which were announced for Q1 2020, but are now coming out on the 15th of this month. Any reason why they were pushed up? We would love to know that kind of stuff too!

Answer: Dewback Riders have actually just finished the repack, and the Dewback Rider Unit Expansion is shipping out from our warehouse now. Once products ship out from our warehouse, the release dates are pretty solid, so we’re looking at having the Dewback Riders wide release on November 22. Paint set with Army Painter is still happening, and I have it on good authority that it should release on Black Friday, November 29. This is not yet locked in, as it has not yet shipped from our warehouse, but we’re close and we should know for certain early next week. Regarding Count Dooku and Rex, the distribution and sales unit simply saw an opportunity to move these releases up. Sorry I can’t get too much into that one, it really just comes down to “business reasons.”

#2 – General transparency on release dates: So this one is sort of addressed above, but we would like to see an increase in hard date announcements from FFG. The only time we get a hard date is from the Spanish website – the upcoming page on the English website is largely noted as useless, with the only good warning being “shipping now”. Getting hard dates from FFG, rather than random store owners online (which can get real messy) would be awesome.

Answer: For sure. We’ve historically been hesitant to give release dates since products commonly move around quite a bit. However, I can give you an expected release month for every announced product, with the caveat that these things can change. So don’t place money on any of these or anything like that!

– Count Dooku / Rex – November 15

– Dewback Rider – November 22

– Legion Paints – November 29 (tentative)

– Upgrade Expansions, Luke Skywalker / Darth Vader Operatives, Imperial Bunker, Crashed Escape Pod – December

– Phase II Clones, B2 Super Battle Droids, AAT, TX-130 – February

#3 – Continued spotlight on the Development team: I mentioned this in discord, but please please continue to get Luke, Alex, and the rest of the team out there whenever possible. One of my favorite parts of this past worlds was getting to talk to Derrick about sculpting, and I think a focus on the unsung heros of this game would certainly get a positive reception. I know the podcasters would love to set up interviews, but something that comes straight from FFG would also be well received.

Answer: Yeah, I’m happy to help set up interviews, and we’ll get them in the channel mentioned below in #4.

#4 – Some sort of bi-weekly engagement between FFG reps and the discord community would also be very well received. We set up an “FFG relations” channel between the admins and the reps with an FFG tag (Matt, Luke, Derrick). I think this avenue might be a great one to get questions answered quickly and efficiently between you and the wider community. More important, if you want to put something out early, you can hand that over to an admin and we can announce for you.

Answer: I love this idea, and I think I’m going to suggest that we do something similar with the other Discord channels that I’m reaching out to. This would really help facilitate future communication. In the future, I would love if I can just post information like I’m sharing in #1 and #2 and get it out to all the admins simultaneously for further dissemination.

(Note – this conversation was had with Discord in mind. There is no reason why we wouldn’t share anything with the Facebook / Reddit / FFG Forum community as well!

#5 – The opposite of #3: Can we put some focus back on the players, creative minds, and leaders of the community that help make Legion an exciting group to be a part of? I believe interviews and other spot light type articles have happened before, and more in this vein would be an awesome way to acknowledge people that put so much love into this game.

Answer: This would be great to do! The only reason we haven’t really done this is a lack of knowledge on who to reach out to. Happy to work with doing interviews of prominent players / tournament winners, spotlights on interesting lists, well-painted armies, etc.

I had permission from Evan to share everything above with this community. Please feel free to disseminate far and wide – and be on the lookout for more as we continue to develop this relationship with FFG! And thanks again to everyone for being great!

Imperial Terrain Launches Bundle Builder

It’s been awhile since our last email and we wanted to let you in on a little secret.

In conjunction with the Cochin Kickstarter we have also been quietly working on something pretty exciting. From early on our printed terrain customers have asked for a way to build their own bundle.

Well that time has finally arrived. We’ve launched the Bundle Builder on our new and improved website!

Click on the button below to check out the Bundle Builder. You can reply to this email with any feedback you have! We love to hear from you guys!

– Dave

Terrain Forem

Preview the B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion and the Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“Uh oh. Blast ‘em!”

   –OOM-series Battle Droid, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Whether their armies consist of droids programmed for battle or clones with combat imprinted on their DNA, it’s clear that both sides of the Clone Wars value the benefits of rigidly standardized armies. But this uniformity isn’t absolute. Both battle droids and clone troopers carry different weapons and gear into battle, allowing them to shake up their approach to each engagement.

More than just increasing a unit’s firepower, these upgrades also augment the ways they can use their unique abilities. Soon, you can add even more diversity to your Clone Wars-era armies with the B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion and the Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within each of these Upgrade Expansions, you’ll find four unpainted miniatures—the B1 Battle Droids in hard plastic and the Phase I Clone Troopers in soft plastic—featuring alternate sculpts from those in the Clone Wars Core Set or the B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion and the Phase I Clone Troopers Unit Expansion. These sculpts are complemented by new heavy weapon and personnel options that add even more ways for you to fine-tune your units.

The heavy weapons miniatures can easily be incorporated into your existing B1 Battle Droid and Phase I Clone Trooper units. At the same, however, you can choose to assemble these miniatures with their standard weapons to add even more aesthetic variety to your army! Join as today as we take a glimpse at the new ways you can upgrade your B1 Battle Droids and Phase I Clone Troopers!

Augmented AI

B1 Battle Droids are unlike any other soldiers in the galaxy. Despite being no match for the Republic’s Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers, these dim-witted and often glitchy droids nevertheless pose a threat through their superior numbers and blind willingness to press forward no matter the opposition.

Central to this strategy is the B1 Battle Droids’ ability to coordinate with each other, ensuring the Separatist’s droid army operates as a unified whole. It should be no surprise, then, that the new personnel included in the B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion work to enhance this fact, beginning with OOM-Series Battle Droids.  One of these droids extends the B1 Battle Droids’ Coordinate range, helping them maintain the chain even when there may be larger gaps in the Separatist battle line. This can be further improved if your battle droids are outfitted with  Integrated Comms Antennas  so that they can be issued orders by a commander or operative from even farther away.

No matter how large their numerical advantage, the ranks of your B1 Battle Droids will inevitably thin, making it more difficult for them to coordinate with each other. In those cases, the battle droids’ natural AI will kick in, forcing them to immediately attack after activating. With a B1 Security Droid among their ranks, however, your droids can ignore this directive, instead taking the time to move or aim before firing.

To fully capitalize on the advantages provided by these new personnel, B1 Battle Droids need to look past their standard E-5 blaster rifles. The Clone Wars Core Set and B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion both give you the opportunity to put more powerful weapons in your droids’ hands. The E-5C blaster rifle,  for instance, is a marked improvement over the E-5, greatly enhancing a unit’s firepower. On the other hand, an E-60R B1 Trooper can easily punch through an enemy’s armor plating, even at long range.   

The B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion adds two more heavy weapons to your arsenal, letting you use these droids in even more creative ways. While droids themselves have very little to fear from poison, it can be devastating to their organic enemies and outfitting a battle droid with a Radiation Cannon can be an effective way to slowly whittle away at an enemy with solid defense like the Republic’s clone troopers. Meanwhile, an E-5s B1 Trooper can take up position from a distance, targeting opponents who have hunkered down behind cover.

Variable Consistency

In contrast to B1 Battle Droids, the Republic’s Phase I Clone Troopers are some of the most elite infantry troops the galaxy has ever seen. In addition to the protection provided by their armor, these dedicated soldiers wield their DC-15A blaster rifles with expert proficiency. But that does not mean they can’t use other weapons.

Within the Clone Wars Core Set and Phase I Clone Troopers Unit Expansion, you’ll already find two heavy weapons that can greatly enhance your Clone Troopers’ combat effectiveness, including a DC-15 Phase I Trooper and a Z-6 Phase I Trooper.  The Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion supplements these weapons with two additional options.

The Separatist Alliance commonly supports its swarms of battle droids with heavily armored vehicles, such as the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank. To counter these threats, units of Phase I Clone Troopers are often deployed with RPS-6 Phase I Troopers who can stop these vehicles in their tracks. Meanwhile, a DP-23 Phase I Trooper helps his unit rapidly thin the Separatist’s numbers by piercing enemy defenses.

Despite their combat prowess, new weapons aren’t the only way to improve your Phase I Clone Troopers. Two new personnel miniatures can be added to the unit and they do more than simply bolster your numbers. A  Phase I Clone Captain can lead their troops through even the heaviest fire while keeping them at peak efficiency. And, seeing as a Clone Captain can provide his unit with some extra training, they all can further augment their skills, perhaps even hunting down a wounded enemy operative or commander.

Similarly, a Phase I Clone Specialist  is equally adept at both offense and defense, helping their unit focus on the area that suits them best. What’s more, the Clone Specialist gives you the opportunity to carry extra gear, boosting their offense with some Targeting Scopes  or the offense of those around them with some Electrobinoculars.   

Outfit Your Army

The Clone Wars are a duel between two standardized armies that take remarkably different approaches to waging war. With new weapons and gear to employ new tactics, both sides have everything they need to push themselves over the top and claim victory.

Look for these Upgrade Expansions at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copies at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental United States here!